We distinguish two different educational paths in the 10CHILDREN project.


The first path will take place together with and in addition to the art projects in each of the ten countries involved. With our local partners we will develop educational projects around the different themes addressed. The needs of the children will be leading in the kind of work we will develop. The input from our local partners is crucial because they know the children. We can add our experience in different educational forms and approaches.

The main goal of these educational projects is to empower the children and to develop a free space where they can investigate the questions they have about life, try to formulate solutions and build self-esteem.

We will also make a game that children in all the countries can play concerning their dreams and thoughts about the society they live in.


At the same time we will develop the second path: the 10CHILDRENbox.  This will be an educational arts programme for children from 10 and up, executed in the schools by their teachers.

The box contains 10 episodes based on the 10 countries that are part of the project. Each episode contains the following components:

  • Information about the country and the theme that was central in this country. We focus on the perspective of the children, on their strategies how to deal with their living circumstances and how to find solutions. We hear from their daily struggles and challenges and their dreams for change.
  • The documentaries made in each country will be part of the box. So the children can actually see the faces and living circumstances of their peers far away.
  • We will develop a play/game that actively involves the children. They will create an imaginary child and start making choices that the children in the different countries have to make on a daily basis. They will experience the consequences these choices have on their lives. They have to invent strategies to improve their situation. The game gives them the opportunity to reflect on the situation of the children far away as well as on their own situation and perhaps give them tools to react or cope in the real world.

At first the 10CHILDRENbox will be available in the Netherlands and hopefully will be integrated into the school curriculum. Schools in the Netherlands can subscribe to the 10CHILDRENbox and be part of the development during the whole project. Every finished episode becomes part of the box and can be presented at the schools. The box will be completed during the 10CHILDRENfestival and will stay available for schools to use in their programmes thereafter. We are searching possibilities to present the Box also in other languages.

The 10CHILDRENbox will be developed by acknowledged theatre educators in the Netherlands Muriel Besemer, Karlijn van Benthem and Anouk Rutten and the educational partners in the different countries.